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What is art psychotherapy?

Art Psychotherapy is a form of emotional and psychological support, which uses both talking and the creative expression in the process of therapy.

Art psychotherapy invites you on a journey within yourself in order to promote relief from emotional distress or mental confusion, help you to process and overcome difficult life experiences, towards personal growth and positive life changes.

As an art psychotherapist, I encourage the expression of emotions and experiences that are difficult to talk about, through images and other creative forms of expression. Although this is not mandatory, you may be surprised at how this process can help you on your path towards healing, self-understanding and personal development.

You are not what happened to you, you are what you choose to become
Carl Jung

who can benefit from Art psychotherapy?

People seek art psychotherapy when they wish to:

  • have a supportive and secure space to process a difficult life period or adjust to a major life change, such as changing jobs, beginning of a new relationship, situation of loss or illness and other challenging circumstances which interfere with their emotional stability, identity or sense of security.

  • develop a deeper self understanding, process difficult recurring feelings such as anxiety, anger or sadness, overcome limiting thoughts and behaviours, increase self acceptance, improve their personal relationships and emotional wellbeing.

  • use alternative forms of expression within therapy in a reflective, creative and non judgemental space. 

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Anyone can do art psychotherapy!

It is not necessary to have experience with art to benefit from this therapeutic approach. In art psychotherapy there is no wrong way to create. My role is to guide you through the creative process whenever necessary.

why art psychotherapy?

Creativity is natural to us all, as it is the human (un)conscious need to process and heal the parts of ourselves that have been repressed or neglected. When we let ourselves go with the creative process, it easily becomes natural and satisfying.

The creative expression within psychotherapy is a doorway to parts of ourselves that need to be voiced and heard, opening paths for emotions, thoughts and experiences that may otherwise remain unknown or unconscious.


In art psychotherapy, symbols appear during the creative process as a form of expression and emotional compensation, which through exploration and reflection facilitate their understanding and integration into the conscious mind. Bringing light and compassion to these parts of ourselves can be very liberating and help us in our healing process. 

Story Book
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Art psychotherapist

Inês Paula

Art has always been an unique tool in my personal expression, healing and self-understanding journey. Combining psychotherapy with creative expression was therefore an ideal combination for me.

My goal is to provide you with a safe, welcoming and creative space, to help you free yourself from emotional suffering and find your own path towards personal growth and wellbeing.

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