Each of us deserves to be fulfilled and have a joyful life. However, life can be difficult to navigate at times and you may feel overwhelmed with a mixture of feelings and mental confusion that affect the way you see yourself and your life.


You may feel stuck in negative thoughts and limiting behaviour patterns, feel low without an apparent reason, feel trapped in a relationship or career that no longer fulfils you or are going through a major life change which interferes with your emotional stability, sense of security or identity.


Whatever the reason, doing therapy in these circumstances brings benefits to our lives, wellbeing and relationships. In art psychotherapy, you can reach a greater understanding of yourself and others, increase your confidence and improve your emotional wellbeing. It's important to know that you don't have to cope alone.

Be there for others, but never leave yourself behind


The needs and concerns presented in therapy vary and are unique to each person. This therapeutic approach can help you in circumstances such as:

  • Major life changes, such changing careers, beginning of a new relationship, moving to a different place or country

  • Situation of loss, separation or illness

  • Depression and/or anxiety

  • Postpartum depression and other difficulties related to parenting

  • Low self esteem and/or self-image

  • Issues related to personal and/or sexual identity

  • Social isolation or relational difficulties

  • Feeling lost or confused about what you want from life and where to go next

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The most creative act you will ever undertake is the act of creating yourself
Deepak Chopra

Art psychotherapy and personal growth

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Art psychotherapy is an important tool for those who wish to understand themselves better and develop personally at a deeper level.

You may feel lost or confused, struggling to understand what you're feeling or what you want to do in life. In these circumstances, feelings of sadness, anger or dissatisfaction with life, can arise for no apparent reason. In art psychotherapy these emotions and experiences are explored both through talking and creative expression for an healthy expression of feelings and  thoughts which are difficult to communicate through words.


This work focuses on relieving emotional discomfort, raising awareness and changing limiting patterns, developing a better self-understanding, creating healthier and more effective ways of dealing with your personal difficulties and begin to create positive life changes.


I have known Inês for many years and I deeply value her beautiful ability to bring together compassion and care with insight and understanding. Inês is a very thoughtful and kind person with so much to offer. She has helped me immensely to develop my self understanding and self expression. I would recommend her to anyone.

Richard Williams


Inês is a naturally caring and sensitive person, always attuned to others needs. She is a reflective clinician, an excellent listener and an incredible creative professional. Her vast experience with various populations and settings makes her a skilled and robust practitioner. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her as an art therapist.

Catarina Vasconcelos